Hello, friend!

Hello, friend!  I am Sarah Clark, the calligrapher and mastermind behind Sage and Crow Studio.

I began studying calligraphy more than fifteen years ago, when I first picked up a broad-edge pen in fulfillment of my university arts requirement.  What began as an academic necessity quickly blossomed into a love of hand lettering and design.

I continued to practice italic and uncial styles (very) intermittently before diving head-first into pointed-pen about three years ago (because who wouldn't want to spend their Saturday nights practicing mid-nineteenth century penmanship?  RIP social life!).  At the time, I was living in a cottage so tiny that there was no room for a table indoors.  I had to be resourceful, spending countless hours hunched over practicing on the picnic table in my tiny garden, often with only a headlamp to light the page at night. 

There, surrounded by local bush sage with noisy crows always perched in the trees overhead, Sage and Crow Studio was born.

Sage and Crow Studio is based in Santa Barbara, California and serves clients nationwide.  

When I'm not in my studio, you can find me running or hiking in the mountains above Santa Barbara, dipping my toes in the Pacific, or kicking back with a cold gin & tonic.